The solar power station is installed on a site of 64 Ha and composed of 92 000 polycrystalline PV panels of 320 Wp and 12 inverters of 2 MVA each.

The technical characteristics of the plant are as follows:

  •  The solar radiation on the site is estimated between 2 118 and 2 235 kWh / m²
  •  The annual power generated in the first year is around 50 GWh while the efficiency ratio of the plant is estimated at 77.4%
  •  Participate in Senegal's energy security and contribute to its self-sufficiency
  •  Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by producing electricity without GHG emissions
  •  Participate in the development of renewable energies;
  •  Produce electricity without noise emissions, waste or water consumption;
  •  Strengthen the attractiveness of the country for companies in the photovoltaic sector.